We Protected It – SSSS.Dynanzenon 02 Analysis |GU 13

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SSSS.Dynanzenon 02 What’s Your Reason for Fighting? April 9, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: Akira Furukawa

Why is Yomogi holding back? Why are Minami, Koyomi and Chise leaning into Dynazenon? Is Gauma’s scar a Roman Numeral for 4 or 6? If so what does that mean?


Chise feels out of place except for as otaku or loli-bait. Not my cup of tea. She did have a cute reaction though that I included in the collage. It’s how she’s framed that bugs me.


That kaiju was super cool and allowed for some great team combat. Once Minami got Yomogi into the fight things got SO good with all that aerial maneuvering.


Minami’s connection with her frumpy friend, Gauma spending the evening with Yomogi’s family and Minami showing Yomogi the damage from the battle are well crafted anchors of humanity.


I expect to see more training and for Yomogi to do some super cool stuff with Dyna Rex. I hope Gauma will give a little background on him and his crew.


Yomogi and Yume visit the city where they fought the Kaiju and witness the tragedy. He and the others start their Dynazenon maneuver training, but a Kaiju appears again without any delay.

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