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Quickly and Quietly – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 104 Analysis |FO 43

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 104 Cornered May 21, 2021

Writer: Christian Taylor

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Saul Ruiz

Score: Kevin Kiner

The Bad Batch and Omega land on Pantora to scramble their ship’s code to avoid detection. Hunter and Echo take Omega on a supply run while Tech and Wrecker pull parts out of the ship to make the necessary modifications. A bounty hunter gains Omega’s trust after she becomes lost, but before she can take her off-planet Hunter finds them. A fight and chase and fight ensue, while Echo and Tech desperately work to get the ship flying again so the Bad Batch can escape with Omega.

Star Wars, Bad Batch, Clone Wars, Fooly Operational, Hunter, Omega, Cornered, 104, Fennec Shand, Collage


-I call SHENANIGANS on Wrecker getting wrecked by Fennec Shand in one move!


-Ming-Na Wen’s performance and the character model for Shand were great. It is so nice to see her be a cross-media character. I like how you don’t learn her name here either


-It is interesting that Omega wasn’t scared of Shand because she carries a blaster. She asked if she was some sort of soldier, because that is her experience.


-Omega really is integral to the new cloning scheme the Kaminoans have. I am inching back towards wondering if they do want her for her biology. Again, Omega being used as some sort of breeder would be nasty, but maybe there is some sort of angle on the Clones, like that if they do some sort of chromosonal swap and have them all be women, it will some how refresh the gene pool or something. Obviously Jango is gone, but they had him for 10 years to get samples from. I seem to remember there was something in The Clone Wars that had to do with protecting the genetic source-code for the Kaminoans to keep making Clones. Maybe Omega is that new source?


-What is it about Omega that makes her so special to the Kaminoan Cloners? Did they send Shan after her? Do they even need the rest of the Bad Batch?

-Do you think Omega is an age-accelerated Clone like most of the rest? Could she be a mostly unaltered Clone, kind of like Boba? What if she has no special ability like Clone Force 99 and she is just different because of her sex?



Star Wars: The Bad Batch 104 Cornered has quickly turned from a tense, exciting narrative and has me quietly wondering how long this show can last. Too much time with these characters may not be the best storytelling choice.

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