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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 108 Bounty Lost June 25, 2021

Writer: Matt Michnovetz

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Brad Rau and Nathaniel Villanueva

Score: Kevin Kiner

While chasing after Bane, the Bad Batch learn from Tech that Omega is an unmodified replication of Jango Fett, making her the only available source for fresh cloning material. En route to an old Kaminoan cloning facility on Bora Vio for her delivery, Omega tricks Bane’s droid aide Todo into releasing her and is able to signal the Bad Batch. Lama Su sends Taun We to retrieve Omega, and orders Nala Se to eliminate the girl after extracting genetic samples from her. Concerned for Omega’s safety, Nala Se sends Fennec Shand to rescue Omega. Shand kills Taun We and duels Bane, allowing Omega to escape and be retrieved by the Bad Batch.


-Omega climbing down the ladder in wrist cuffs was a bit much.


-The battle of the bounty hunters was beautiful! I honestly loved the brutality and desperation of their fight.


-Shand worked as a contract killer for the underworld. I think she killed bad people for other bad people. She reiterated to Omega that she was trying to help her. Do you think there is some real honor to the way Shand lives her life? Is she going to turn out to be some sort of anti-hero?


-Omega will grow more and more capable, being that she is basically a twin sister to Boba Fett.


-How are they going to stop the Kaminoans from coming after Omega?



Star Wars: The Bad Batch 109 Bounty Lost was an exciting romp. There was amazing action between Bane and Shand. Omega got to be clever and brave and she almost saved herself. It came at a great cost and she just have easily could have died and I appreciate that. To that I say, “Good to Have You Back” to fabulous Star Wars storytelling that hits hard, entertains and allows me to escape to a place of fun and spectacle, even if it is just a short time.

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