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Quit Moping – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 110 Analysis |FO 49

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 110 Common Ground July 2, 2021

Writer: Gursimran Sandhu

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Saul Ruiz

Score: Kevin Kiner

The Bad Batch leaves Omega with Sid while they go to Raxus to rescue a former CIS Senator. Hunter is suspicious that this could be some sort of Separatist trap while Omega mopes about not being useful to the squad.

Star Wars, Bad Batch, Clone Wars, Fooly Operational, Raxus, CIS, Separatist, 110, Common Ground


-It was kind of silly that Hunter had to be shown to be missing Omega by erroneously calling that droid Omega. The only interesting thing about that is that he doesn’t trust droids and he likely say the droid as more of a liability than an asset as they were trying to free the Senator. If he confused them because he thinks of Omega as a liability to their missions, that would be interesting


-Raxus is a beautiful planet and I would like to see more of it

-As an Asian woman I felt so happy to be represented by a brutal authoritarian in Captain Bragg. I can finally see myself in Star Wars


-When Bragg responds “That would be a first” to the Senator, it is implying that she has tortured many people before with that interrogation droid. How long have the Bad Batch been on the run? How long has the Empire been operating? Does this imply that Bragg was torturing people for the Republic or maybe as a private soldier in a planetary army? Was this just a bit of sloppy writing, an ill-thought out short hand to make her seem capable and menacing?


-I’d like to see Omega plan a mission and direct it. That would be neat to see. it could keep her out of danger, sort of doing over watch, but she would still be fully supporting the squad and their operations.


-Will we get to see a different side of the CIS in this show? Are good Separatists like Senator Singh going to get connected to the Rebellion? Will the Bad Batch help with that?


Star Wars: The Bad Batch 110 Common Ground was good, overall. I liked Sid taking Omega under her wing a bit and pushing her to quit moping and do something with her life. That’s an attitude more people should have and I find it odd that this amoral lady has to be the one to give it to her. I get that the Bad Batch isn’t very adept at living because they were raised to do one thing and now that they don’t know what to fight for anymore, they are drifting. Having Omega there to force them to grow up is unexpected. It didn’t feel like much happened her, but it was a good ride and some seeds were planted. I enjoyed that.


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