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Is #BobaFett building a family for himself? How did you enjoy Chapter 3?

#StarWars #BookofBobaFett

Book of Boba Fett Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa

Diretor: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Jon Favreau

Composer: Joseph Shirley

Theme Composer: Ludwig Göransson

Original Release Date: January 12, 2022

This analysis will go into full spoilers.

Spoiler-full Synopsis: Fett plans how he can maintain Jabba’s empire. A water vendor asks Fett to punish a gang of cyborgs who are stealing his water, claiming that the citizens do not respect him yet. Upon seeing that the gang has no work, Fett employs the cyborgs as enforcers. Fett is attacked by Krrsantan, but the Wookiee is held off and captured in the basement by his guards. The Hutt Twins then arrive, bringing a rancor as a gift and promising to leave Tatooine because they were misled by Mayor Shaiz. Fett forms a bond with the new rancor and hopes to train it. Fett, Shand and the cyborg guards go to Mos Espa to question Shaiz, but the mayor is absent and his majordomo flees. A speeder chase ensues and the cyborgs corner the majordomo, who asserts that Shaiz is working with the Pykes. One of Fett’s informants reports that more Pykes are arriving in Mos Espa, and Fett decides to prepare for war. In flashbacks, Fett departs from the Tusken tribe to collect the toll from the Pykes, only to find the tribe wiped out by the Nikto gang on his return.


Lil’ Boba

Candy Crushers

Black Krrsantan

Mayor and Majordomo




Family Lost, found, lost again and built

“Now I am Insulted”

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Star Wars, Come and Take it, rebellion, defiance, Bad Batch, Empire

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