Happy 84th Birthday to Shotaro Ishinomori! – Reading The Early Life of Shotaro Ishinomori from TokuNet |HI 22S1

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Original article at The Tokusatsu Network

Translated by: beats

I did not ask for permission to republish this article from beats or Toksatsu Network.

Please visit their site and give them some clicks.

I read this for my own benefit because I wanted to get a deeper insight into Ishinomori and I figured I may as well create an audio version of this for folks who don’t really have time to read stuff most of the time. I fall into that category. If you don’t know already, you can get a thick omnibus of Ishinomori’s Kamen Rider Manga published by Seven Seas; it came out January 2022. Seven Seas also published the Gorenger manga collection in a single volume April 2021.

Kamen Rider – The Classic Manga Collection

SUPER SENTAI: Himitsu Sentai Gorenger – The Classic Manga Collection


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