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What did you think of Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7? Are you happy with the end they gave us?

Did the creative team tell the story on their own terms?


Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7: In The Name of Honor

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Jon Favreau

Composer: Joseph Shirley

Theme Composer: Ludwig Göransson

Original Release Date: February 09, 2022

This analysis will go into full spoilers.


Fett’s forces patrol Mos Espa, and Bane and the Pykes plan to fight Fett. At Motto’s hangar, R2-D2’s starfighter lands, bringing Grogu (wearing Djarin’s chain mail) into her custody. Bane and his Pykes confront Fett, Shand and Djarin outside the Sanctuary, while the other crime families, having betrayed Fett, attack his soldiers throughout the city. After Shand helps the cyborgs, Fett and Djarin hide but order Shaiz’s majordomo to negotiate with the Pykes. Diverting the Pykes’ attention, the crime lord and the Mandalorian assault them but are soon outnumbered. Freetown’s citizens and the cyborgs arrive to save the two. Two Pyke droids with shields impervious to their weapons attack, routing Fett’s forces. Djarin, Grogu and Fett’s rancor destroy the droids, before Bane scares off the rancor. Fett loses a gun duel with Bane but survives by killing him with his gaffi stick. Grogu puts the errant rancor to sleep, ending the battle. In Mos Eisley, Shand kills the Pyke boss, the mayor, and the other three crime lords. As Mos Espa praises Fett, Djarin and Grogu fly away in their N-1 starfighter. In a mid-credits scene, Vanth heals in the bacta tank at Fett’s palace, while the modifier prepares to implement cybernetic enhancements.



Armies of Few




Assassination, I Guess

Cybb Vanth

-On Boba

Bantha Poodoo


Ill-Suited Fett

Soft Fett

The Whole Megillah

“On Our Terms”

Did the creative team tell the story on their own terms?

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