Some Kind of Sickness – Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 09 Analysis |SSS 009

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I will be discussing: how everything has a cost. Who is setting the rules for the Donbrothers?

This is Super Sentai Sanctuary 009: “Some Kind of Sickness”


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 09 Busted Tarou and Robotaro – May 01, 2022

Writer: Toshiki Inoue

Director: Ryuta Tasaki


Writer Tracker – Toshiki Inoue (7; 1-7)

Director Tracker – Ryuta Tasaki (3; 1-2, 9); Shojiro Nakazawa (2; 3-4); Katsuya Watanabe (2; 5-6); Hiroyuki Kato (2; 7-8)


Taro Momoi, who came to deliver to Café Donbura, collapses with a staggering gait. Meanwhile, a special demon appears in the city. Donbrothers responds, but Don Momotaro has no energy and is easily blown away. Haruka and Shinichi, who thought that Taro’s appearance was not the only thing, decided to talk to Jin Momoi. To cure Taro’s illness, the Donbrothers decided to make something based on the recipe.


-Kibidango Scarfing

-Haruka’s Shock

-Jin’s turn


-The cost of greatness

-Spreadout Team

-Cerebran Plot

-Sinister Kid Monster


-Sick Tarou and Momotaro

-Redlight Greenlight



-Secret Menu

-Servant Acceptance

-Old Story, new perspective


-The parallel between Sonoi and Tarou

-Kibi Points and Kibi-dango have me wondering what “kibi” means. That’s something to look into.

-Something about that kid being the monster and the look of the monster worked together to make him feel really sinister, but also sympathetic

-Why do Medals go to Kaito? What is his part in all this?


-Why is there a cost to Tarou’s power? Why does Tarou have these rules? Who set them for him and the rest of the Donbrothers? Is Sonoi’s power or the Beastial part of the cost of Tarou’s power?


– Don 10: The Rainbow the Oni Saw


Episode 9: 8/10

The episode was funny, intriguing, had some interesting character moments and had a cool new power for Don Momotaro. I was thuroughly entertained. I especially like how it was so off-beat and non-traditional.


I keep talking about a superhero series I am working on. You can get a glimpse of my creative process as I figure out how to use The Book of Judges as a Model for a Superhero Universe.


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is a Japanese television series. It is the 46th in Toei’s Super Sentai series. Its Momotarō-themed Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The show succeeded Kamen Rider Revice line-up Super Hero Time to Avataro Sentai Donbrothers in premiered March 6, 2022, on TV Asahi.


The series theme is based on the legend of Momotarō and Virtual Reality. Because of this, many of the show’s graphics are styled to resemble traditional Japanese watercolor brush paintings, and the series makes more extensive uses of CGI than past productions.


Official Site –

Check out THIS SCRIPT for a comic book inspired by Ultraman and other Tokusatsu heroes.


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