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I will be discussing: The good and bad of Fuuto PI and unlikable characters.

This is Half-Boiled 001: “The Wind is Gone”


Fuuto PI 01 Beware of t/The Man Who Loved a Witch – August 1, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo (I guess, being that he wrote the manga)

Director: Yousuke Kabashima, seems to be the main director, but there are a lot of credits to go around)


In the windy city of Fuuto, private detective Shotaro Hidari works with his friends to protect the citizens… in more ways than one. But a chance encounter with a bewitching femme fatale might spell a whole new kind of trouble for him, and his city.


-Sanjo has these characters locked in live action, manga and now anime, too. It felt like I was watching Kamen Rider Double.

-Shotaro hitting the streets and coming up with leads was fun

-The character designs capture the cast so well

-The animation is slick and fluid

-Great music

-Shotaro chasing Tokime was exciting,  I like how his familiarity with Fuuto was shown by that

-I like how Shotaro’s love of Fuuto is flipped to show us how weird and threatening this other world is

-Philip calling Shotaro on his BS is always a delight


-Tokime’s design is RIDICULOUS

-Not enough Philip!


Episode 1 – 8/10

This IS a continuation of Double, through and through. I still dislike Shotaro’s goofy posturing, I still like Akiko taking him down a peg and Philip being the better half of the pair. The action and music are cool, the otherworldly threat and mystery are intriguing and I am genuinely curious to learn what is going on in Fuuto, how Tokime factors into it and see what new threat warrants Double becoming active again.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I do not like Shoatro Hidari. I almost actively dislike him and yet I watched all of Kamen Rider Double and I enjoyed 90% of it and I enjoyed this first episode of Fuuto PI even though he is mostly in focus this episode. How does that work? It’s time to talk about unlikable characters.


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