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I will be discussing: The hits and misses of Fuuto PI and the conceit of the narrator protagonist.

This is Rider Tears 004: “My Instincts Are Pretty Good”


Fuuto PI 04 The Terrible of m/ Wings of Death – August 21, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


Narumi Detective Agency is hired by games company Max Soft to bodyguard Monako Moriguchi, the main programmer for the game Monster El Dorado who, unknown to the public, is also the game’s idol Megu Kazamatsuri, after Megu receives death threats from someone known as “m”. Meanwhile, Philip has trouble getting along with Tokime due to their conflicting personalities. As Monako performs as Megu at an anniversary event for the game, the event comes under attack from a Meganeura Dopant, who seeks vengeance against Megu. Although Kamen Rider W steps in to fight against it, the Dopant proves to have stronger powers than expected, including the power to control gravity. At that moment, Tokime is almost lured aware by a mysterious force, leaving Monako defenseless and forcing Kamen Rider W to rush in to protect her from the Dopant’s attack. Receiving heavy damage to his body as a result, Shotaro entrusts Tokime and the others to continue protecting Monako. 


-Fan service

-The game is a little too local, maybe?

-How did Shotaro get hit? Why didn’t he put his hat on his BACK?!?!?!?!!?

-How BIG is Tokime’s head? I was alarmed at the size of her noggin!

–Triple Busted


-The tension between Tokime and Philip is unexpected and quite welcome

-Monako called Shotaro pretentious and he admitted it

-Meganeura’s design is cool!

-W looks fabulous, that form showcase was a visual blast and also good for those new to Double


–Shotaro has become quite the man!


-Does it seem like Aurora is going to do what the original W foes did?

-What is a “High Dope” anyway? Is that new? I think, yes.

-Monako being Megu was obvious, right? Is that a feint or lazy writing?

–Why did Aurora say fate is odd in bringing Tokime to a Kamen Rider.


Episode 4 – 8/10

The action was incredible. While the nerd being the idol was fairly transparent, everything else around it was slick and Shotaro absolutely shone! I don’t foresee this show dropping the TNA with Tokime, so I will basically ignore it, but I won’t stop cringing at the masses eating it up. Sorry, y’all.

REFLECTIONSDoes the conceit of the narrator protagonist kill tension and drama? We know Shotaro survives this, so where does the excitement come from?


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