Fuuto PI 08 Analysis |Half-Boiled 08

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Shotaro and Philip struggle to discover the truth behind the Alcohol Dopant’s attacks before there’s another death.


-The multiple users twist was a bit of a stretch

-Scream Queen’s design is not for me

-The Revolgarry is still a thing and it doesn’t look like it has any restraints, straps or bars, how does anyone ride in it STANDING?!


-Philip and Shotaro talking up their partnership and reliance on each other was good. The execution could have been better, but the idea is solid and solidifies their partnership.

-Accel TRIAL!


-Did Tokime say that the new Masquerades are not really people? What foes that mean? How does that work?

-So Museum 2.0 is an actual thing? Did I get it right dubbing Bando and his group as NEWSEUM?


Episode 8 – 7/10

The multiple Alcohol users solve was a bit too wild for me. There was more tell than show and those things are enough to bring it down for me.




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