Digimon Seekers Chapter 1-7 |DC 07

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Digimon Seekers Chapter 1-15 |DC 15 Digimon Chronicles

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[1384 Words 8 Minute Read +/-]

ALL Digimon Seekers Readings

Digimon Chronicles is a new podcast series from mjmunoz.com covering Digimon. It begins with Digimon Seekers.

Digimon Seekers is a multi-media project launched as part of the 25th anniversary of the Digimon Franchise. Part of that project is a web novel being released in the serial format. As the franchise has international reach, there is an official English translation published simultaneously with the native Japanese version.

Join MJ as he reads Digimon Seekers Chapter 1-7 Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue and shares his thoughts on it.


Digimon Seekers

Chapter 1-7

Chapter 1-7 Video (Japanese)

Translation by Onkeikun

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