Red Panda Adventures 2 Review – Red Panda Report 002 Fear is a Friend

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Join MJ as he analyzes the thrilling Red Panda Adventures 1 The Riddle of the Sphinx! Red Panda is an audio drama series inspired by The Shadow and other Pulp heroes.

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RPA002 “Night Patrol” – October 29, 2005

Written and Directed by: Gregg Taylor

Season 1:002-012

What do superheroes do when they don’t have a case? Why they go out looking for trouble of course! They’ll find more than they bargained for when The Red Pandas new sidekick Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel joins her partner on her very first Night Patrol!


This may sound silly, but the Squirrel stomping stalker scene was a little much. Napoleon decreed that his soldiers be summarily shot for certain crimes. I can’t say I disagree, but the brutality here felt a tad indulgent.

Some of the audience audio in the theater theatre was oddly muffled and echoed in a weird way


Using night patrols as a deterrent is a cool idea.

I love the Static Shoe roof hopping and that Red Panda is some sort of genius who keeps upgrading his tech as the need arises.

Professor Zombie is a fun and dangerous villain. Very cool.

I like life as Red Panda messing up his secret identity’s real life.


I feel like I should know the name Anton Speevak. Should I?

Why does Red Panda flirt with Antonia/Professor Zombie?


The static shoes enable Red Panda to make a nearly 40 foot jump using the power of static electricity channeled through the static shoes


Professor Zombie is a delightful, scenery chewing villain. Andrea Lyons does a wonderful job. She’s an awful murderous mad woman, but it’s fun.

Necronimum 234 is a blend of science and Voodoo Professor Zombie uses to turn unwilling victims into her Zombie slaves.

Antonia is immune to her own Necronium gas


Kit asks Panda when she can learn hypnosis, he doesn’t directly answer her, but says he’s been at this a while.

Red Panda uses low level psychological warfare to keep crooks spooked while he and the Flying Squirrel handle the most urgent cases, after all they can’t be everywhere at once.

Flying Squirrel gets called “Fearless Flying Female” and a “Courageous Cowled Champion” in the pages of The Sentinel newspaper.

The Mayor still agrees with Chief O’Malley that Red Panda and Flying Squirrel are menaces.


Red Panda Adventures from Decoder Ring Theatre

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