Red Panda Adventure 4 Review |RPR 004 – The Woman’s Touch

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RPA004 “The Golden Claw” – November 26, 2005

Written and Directed by: Gregg Taylor

Season 1:001-012

A ruthless protection syndicate is shaking down the citizens and shopkeepers of the city. But when our heroes move to intervene, they learn there may be more to this racket than meets the eye. Can even The Red Panda escape the clutches of The Golden Claw?


The about Kit’s Butcher having trouble was a little soft. There was humor sprinkled through. Do we need to end with a gag each time?


The Jackson’s are utterly sympathetic 

Golden Claw is ruthless 

Lady Boss twist


Should there have been more build up to Golden Claw? She has been controlling a more focused majority of the underworld for some time. Should there have been hints?


Disguise Makeup 

Gas Grenades

Special Radio Equipment


Golden Claw seems like a one and done villain. She feels impressive given the scope of her crimes and her coming up in a world of scumbag men


Knockout Gas Immunity

Red Panda must have learned to disguise himself somewhere along his journey

Kit’s eyes are brown, not green. A bold choice.

O’Malley Slow burn


Red Panda Adventures from Decoder Ring Theatre

The Shadow Radio Shows

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