Please Fight My Brother |KHQS 29

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 29, Sai Saici finds himself in love and shirking his responsibilities. When Cecile turns out to be his next foe's sister Sai is thrown for a loop. Will he honor Hans with a full-spirited match and risk sending Cecile away?!

G Gundam 28 |KHQS

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 28 Domon finds himself stalked outside the for assassination by a SECOND Gundam Fighter! What is going on with this show?! With this tournament?!?

G Gundam 27 |KHQS

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 27, Domon is injured by the leader of a group of kids who infiltrates his HQ and high jacks Burning Gundam! The deadly and devious Chandra Sijiema of Neo-India exploits his injury and pushes Domon to the brink of defeat!

G Gundam 26 |KHQS

In G Gundam 26, Domon faces off against Neo Greece's Marcelot, a giant of a man who balks at Domon's high handed promise that he will face Master Asia as the Undefeated of the Finals!

G Gundam 25 |KHQS

I am happy to be back to G Gundam! Being that episode 25 was a clip show, it is a great place to jump back in. The main players get a couple surprises as some old faces unexpectedly turn up!

Ultraman (2019) 11 Analysis |Podcast

Ultraman 11 gives Rena a graceful exit from the story for now and attacks the question of what it really means to be Ultraman from yet another angle. My suspicions about Edo and the Star Cluster Council grow and I am excited to see how this all works out!

Ultraman (2019) 8 Review |Podcast

Ultraman 8 is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The action is top notch. The handling of the moral questions is a bit clumsy. The sudden reveals and twists on twists threw me for a loop. Overall, I enjoyed the escalating complications and the additional intrigue introduced.

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