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Henshin Inspection Presents: Kissing Concrete. Follow me through an episode by episode analysis of Concrete Revolutio from legendary tokusatsu writer Shō Aikawa and Studio BONES.

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Concrete Revolutio 01 – The Witch Girl of Tokyo – 4 October 2015

Writer: Shō Aikawa

Director: Tomoyuki Kurokawa

While working as a waitress at a cafe, Kikko Hoshino is asked by a man named Jiro Hitoyoshi to do a job for him, preventing a top Japanese scientist named Professor Onda from selling research secrets to a corporate spy. Strangely enough, the supposed spy is seen giving Onda a package instead of taking one from him. Even so, Kikko stops Onda from leaving, as the spy reveals himself to be an alien from Planet S. Kikko reveals herself to be a magical girl, and teleports outside with the package. However, the alien follows and grows giant-sized until the giant superhuman Grosse Augen appears and vanishes with the alien. With Kikko and Jiro’s help, Grosse Augen defeats the alien, but Jiro tracks down his alter-ego anyway and confronts him. Grosse Augen turns out to be an alien borrowing a Japanese policeman’s body as it would have died otherwise, but the strain is supposedly killing them both. Jiro appears to take Grosse Augen into an alleyway and vaporize him.

The scene flashes to a point five years later, when it is revealed to Kikko that Jiro freed Grosse Augen reach his home planet while reviving the policeman in the body of the defeated S Planetarian. As a result, the Superhuman Bureau made Jiro a target, and he refuses to go with Kikko as he escapes with the policeman.

Series Synopsis:

In the year Apotheosis 41 (AD 1962), Earth is currently home to superhumans and paranormal phenomena of all kinds, from aliens and magical girls to ghosts and transforming robots. However, official knowledge of these beings is officially kept under wraps by the governments of the world. The Japanese government has quietly set up the “Super Population Research Laboratory”, a.k.a. the “Superhuman Bureau”, to keep track of all superhuman beings in the country and eliminate them if they pose a threat to humanity. In the present, Bureau member Jiro Hitoyoshi finds himself recruiting new superhumans for the Bureau in the course of his job. However, five years later in Apotheosis 46, Jiro turns into a vigilante on the run from the Bureau while the rest of its members deal with the consequences of their earlier actions.


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