Pulse – Racing Til the End – Bio

All her life, Sonia raced from one experience to the next. Fast to sleep, early to rise and eager to greet new people and places. Life on the island did not feel constraining. New people were always coming and going, but things always stayed the same. She felt at home wherever she went and the people who remained constant in her life made it rich and exciting.

In her youth, she discovered an unnatural ability to run faster than anyone she knew. The more she ran, the faster she went, until she was able to traverse large swathes of the island in minutes! Sonia kept her abilities under wraps and would mostly use them for fun. When she stumbled across some dangerous people causing trouble, she decided to get involved. As Pulse, she fought those criminals and enjoyed long stretches of peace afterwards. Anytime she could use her incredible speed to help others, she would slip into her suit and strike like lightning – and she shows no signs of slowing.

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