Shuffle – Mixed into an Old Maid’s Mess – Bio

Octavia is new to so much. She recently got into music in a big way, even playing around with cutting her own tracks. A less fun development, was her introduction to a secretive world operating along with the one she knew. Not long ago, she witnessed a fight between a handful of Adepts. The old lady, whose name she did not know, had hidden her just before it happened. Hooded men attacked the woman and her associate. After the fight was over, they had vanished.

Octavia was able to avoid the hooded men and tried to carry on as if nothing had happened. The old woman had entrusted her with the magical deck of cards she had used to save her life. The cards stayed with her at all times and in time, she unlocked some of their secrets. Octavia used the magical cards to become Shuffle. Focusing her energies through the cards, she accomplished astonishing feats and learned the truth about the hooded men and their organization, The Maw.

Shuffle is working to interrupt the criminal enterprise which operates outside of the law by using mystical tools and devices that leave no trace of evidence for police or prosecutors to use.

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