Regret – Traitor’s Confession – Pinnacle

The years have been eventful since I left home in disgrace. In exile, I wandered from place to place, life to life, changing when I grew weary of each form of servitude. Though I witnessed marvels and could change my lot almost at will, solace eluded me. No finery could soothe my torment, no injury could overtake the bitter sting of remorse that pained me daily.

And now I sit, glass-eyed and flush, and yet keenly aware that on that night I doomed myself to unending despair.

-A Traitor, drowning in regret

Pinnacle” is the working title for a Fantasy novel by Matthew Munoz. The speaker in this passage, “Traitor,” is a supporting character who plays a key role in the beginning of the story.

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