Unbroken- Rags’ Confession- Pinnacle

I do not fear you. I will not fear you. Though you have power over me, can end me, can do as you wish, I will never be broken. I won’t let you break me.

You flirted and flattered and made overtures. You climbed out of the shadows and walked in high places and now you see yourself as greater than Man. You look down on others and see them as paths to power, as paths to desire.

I knew you before and even now you are the same. You wanted more from the start. You wanted me, but it wasn’t from the heart.  I am no prize. I am no flower or favor or trinket. I want not for frills or wealth, did you forget? I walked away because I know who I am. I know what I am worth and I can not be bought. You think you can steal and coerce my good will. You dare demand love? You are both weak and ill.

Though I am shocked by how far you have stooped, I will not answer your deeds with a proof. How much it pains me, what you took away. You’ve placed me in comfort and locked me away. And here I may stay till the end of may days, but never as broken or soft, lest you say, “Now I’ll play hero and liberator, she will be mine and I will be hers.”

I chose my lot where you could not. I almost pity you, but I refuse to give for I am not like you.

-Rags, shackled in splendor

“Pinnacle” is the working title for a Fantasy novel by Matthew Munoz. The speaker in this passage, “Rags,” is a key supporting character who is linked to Broken Blade.

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