Writing About Writing – One

A Brief Introduction

I am currently at a loss as how to move forward with WRITING.

There are a lot of books, podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to teaching others how to be a successful writer. I have been skimming resources and settled on a method that seems to fit my life at the moment. My goal each week is to publish three pieces of original work on this blog. From time to time I fall short and I recently took a few weeks off, but I am working towards consistency and trying to set up a schedule for myself where I do not become overburdened while still achieving my goals.

Today I feel overburdened. Today I don’t know what to write about, so I decided to write about writing.

Time to Start

I am currently working on 3 projects. The first is something I am trying to get published. The second is a small book that I need to work on more than I currently do. The third is a novel that is in development and has been for a long time. The novel is drastically different from what I had originally envisioned and I originally started making it as a story for RPGMaker 3. RPG Maker is a series of games that had at least two entries on the PlayStation 2. Some time ago, I had gotten this game and was playing around with it oh, like you do with a game. The Assets in it allow for the making of a fantasy setting in the classical sense. There is a system for using magic and building quasi-mediaeval towns set in rolling countrysides, so I rolled with it and started coming up with an idea for a fantasy story. I don’t recall much of my original idea but I remember I had put all this work into having the hero of the story meet a toad made out of stone that was somehow alive. It was a long time ago.

Time moved on as did I, and I stopped thinking about this story. Over the years, it has come back to me as something that I wanted to make happen in earnest. Over the years I have changed a lot and look at the world differently, so I am glad it has taken until now for me to begin focusing on it once again. Because a novel is such an undertaking and I have other, higher priority projects, I have decided two rework this story in a piecemeal fashion and write it through the use of this blog. The working title for my fantasy novel is “Pinnacle,” and I have written a few short pieces focusing on characters important to the story. It has been enjoyable and a little distracting. I am looking to find a way to balance everything and it is a struggle. One of the themes I want to explore in “Pinnacle” is playing the hand you are dealt. Perhaps that appeals to me because that is something I struggle to do.

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