Writing About (Not) Writing- Three

I only published one piece this week because I took sick Wednesday and was in not in the right place to do any creative work. Heck, I struggled valiantly to do work where I get my paychecks.

I likely could have released a second Confession from Pinnacle, but I don’t want to share too much about any one character at a time and I am actually writing the Confessions in a rotation. Because all this characters feature in the book and they all relate to each other, I figure developing them in context with one another makes a lot of sense. As who each person is becomes more clear, it can help me shape the others so that the relationships remain dynamic and fresh throughout.

Anyway, I had written something for Broken Blade on Sunday and scheduled to release it the next day in the afternoon. Late Sunday night I looked it over and didn’t feel like I had said what I wanted to, so I decided to rewrite it. I wrote something completely different, but both Confessions work, so I’ll do some light tweaks to the Sunday Confession and publish that sometime in January 2018, I think.

I am disappointed that I didn’t work on The Broken Brooch this week, but I really need to iron out my outline for it anyway before I get too far in. I did work on the outline a bit. I found something interesting: the two parts, chapter, maybe, released so far don’t even touch the start of my outline. I see that as an opportunity. I like my outline. It feel solid, the bare skeleton that it is. The first two chapters of Broken Brooch serve as the start of a sort of prologue. I would like to expand the outline and see how to connect it to what I have published.

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