Burdened – Traitor’s Confessions – Pinnacle

I am to blame for what happened to your sister.

I am so sorry. I have made excuses to myself countless times. They would have found her anyway, but I am at fault.

I was near the village, by the wood when everyone was at the gathering. Strangers came out of the wood. I tried to hide, to run, but I could not escape their gaze.

They called out to me. I went to them. They told me there was a special person in our village who they needed to see. I thought of your sister. I don’t know why, but I lead them right to your house. I was scared. I wanted to get rid of them. They knew it was somebody. If I had stayed quiet or ran, maybe they would have hurt me. I was just a boy.

I’m sorry.

After I showed them, I ran away. I could hear her screaming as they took her away.

I wanted to tell you this because I think she is still alive. And I think we can find her.

-A Traitor, to the Champion

Pinnacle” is the working title for a Fantasy novel by Matthew Munoz. The speaker in this passage, “Traitor,” is a supporting character who plays a key role in the beginning of the story.

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