10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 1

He looks over them from afar. He follows them wherever they go, knowing that if it comes down to it, he might be the only one who can save them from the hidden dangers that can threaten any life. He is older and wiser now. His joints and bones may ache he but still has lives to give, lives to save.

You may be wondering how it is that I know all this and I will tell you it is because I am a Guardians guardian. Years ago, I took him in. When I found him he was nearly gone. I couldn’t tell what sort of animal had attacked him, but he had some of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen on a cat. I took him to my clinic and was able to patch him up as best as I could. I knew that if you could make it through the night he had a chance. When I arrived the next morning, he was gone from his kennel. I figured someone else had found him lifeless and taken care of him before I got there. But that was impossible because I was the first person in that morning.

10 minutes. 199 words.

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