Republic Revisited – Art of Sedition 2018 – #NoMoreWar

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
Also unto God, what’s God’s

This great Republic, shadow of Rome
Boldly calls itself home
Of the brave, the free
The needy refugee

I won’t deny those words sting my eyes
Hope, pride, shame and compromise

America has lost her way
And in some ways that’s OK

My Homeland is no longer England’s Bride
But there is another shame she hides

Her Father hungered for land and would
Trade it With the Bands if he could
Bands bound for misery
Bands caged by savagery
Bands who roamed, but did not own lands
Bands in need of Liberty
Baptism into Modernity

A baptism of flame and blood
A tear-stained trail of pale-faced love

From coast to coast the blood was let
Savages tamed, her eyes were set
Upon herself where rot had spread
She stoked the flames, the blade she whet

With discipline and iron will
She struck her mind and heart until
No queer or treasonous word would spill
From lips who pledge to fight and kill

Roused to anger, she marched once more
To battle through seas and trample shores
The martial drum beat time and times
Displacing all her Father’s lines

Lines that tie
Lines that bind
Lines round necks were cast aside
Lines were drawn, crossed, moved and held
Til her foes, her children felled

In her bosom she embraces
All the genders, tribes and races
Letting down sweet mother’s milk
Wrapping each one up in silk
Everyone gets their own star
They see the stripes, but not the bars

The cost of all this? Not so high
Just that they return her love
And share her light
By sprinkling blood
Of Patriots who fight for you
And me so what more can we do?

Light a candle, snuff it out
Cry in the wilderness
Spread your doubt
Don’t take a knee
Stand and shout
This is enough

Fight for peace
Let them think
You a traitor
Be a Savior
Get fleeced by Caesar, hear her laughter
As she leads you to another disaster
Be a bother
Question slaughter

Are we any more free?
How’s our security
Is it brave to look away?
Did you forget you have a say?

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