Liquid Gold

Did you know that a newborn is sustained from one teaspoon of colostrum at a time. That's about 1/6th of the 1-2 ounces of milk the need.

Seeing Double

I have been told that twins run in my family. That has scared me since my late teens. It got scarier when my wife was pregnant the first time.

Sonnet 2 Decyphered

Continuing the Bradbury Challenge. I will read poetry, short stories and technical articles in order to contemplate why they work. In this post, I will be working with Shakespeare's Sonnet 2.

Republic Revisited – Art of Sedition 2018 – #NoMoreWar

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's
Also unto God, what's God's

This great Republic, shadow of Rome
Boldly calls itself home
Of the brave, the free
The needy refugee

I won't deny those words sting my eyes
Hope, pride, shame and compromise

America has lost her way
And in some ways that's OK

My Homeland is no longer England's Bride
But there is another shame she hides

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