Left, Right and Center

OppI don’t know if I am an Anarchist, Minarchist or just some incoherent strain of libertarian. I know I am favor of extreme free speech and self-autonomy. Those freedoms are rooted in Property Rights, as in everyone owns their own body and they stuff they have secured through non-coercive means, so they can do as they please, as long as they do not do harm to others while exercising their Freedom.

I have been concerned about directly expressing my philosophy and feelings about this because I have come into contact with some fine people online. We share common interests, but I have feared expressing my true self out of concern for being blocked and blacklisted.

Today I have decided I don’t care anymore. The more Leftist people I know don’t mind (or acknowledge) my antiwar ideology and political action that directly stems from my recognition of Property Rights and highly valuing Liberty in a more principled way than I ever did when I identified as a Republican or Conservative. Today I may have surprised my more Right leaning friends and family by agitating for peace in Yemen, at minimum for an end to the US support of the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

It is time to stop caring about being outed from either side. I am not betraying America by wanting our foreign policy to be smarter and moral. It is a sickening waste of blood and treasure for the US to be involved in conflicts around the world. The US Military should probably shrink in size and should definitely pull out of all the countries where we have bases. Donald J. Trump is my President, and he is yours too. Most Presidents have been bad. Most have violated the Constitution and trampled on the Rights of Americans and others. Trump is doing some good though. Today he made a big move in support of Criminal Justice Reform. That makes me proud of him. That makes me happy. That will increase Liberty for so many Americans and their families, most of them Blacks and Hispanics who so many people say he hates. Trump may be racist, but I don’t see the evidence and this is one great thing he has done and I fully support that. That doesn’t make me a Nazi, a Trump supporter or anything else you might want to smear me with. If you try to punch me for defending Free Speech you have just proven yourself to be the kind of nasty Authoritarian you claim to oppose. If that is the case, I suggest you do some self care and some soul searching.

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