Foot AND Hand In Mouth + Audioblog

[Audioblog length 2:51]

Almost as soon as I began my endeavor to write every day, or at least 5 days a week, I was dealt quite the blow. Actually it was the family who was dealt the blow, I was like the table they got knocked into as Hand Foot and Mouth disease struck the lot of them. I still don’t really know what HFM is, but the moniker of disease seems too strong for it. Either this new-ish disease has a great PR manager or the others at home escaped the worst of it. We have a friend who caught it from his son and had severe blistering on his feet that kept him off of them.

For us it started with our youngest. My wife found out from our friend what the symptoms look like and sure enough, the disease had entered our house. We imagine it may have been transmitted by some common use kid toys, yet another tragedy of the commons, apparently nobody wipes down the toys. The funny thing is, there was a recent influx of new toys and equipment where our kids congregate. We share the space with at least one other community, so we would have a very hard time tracking down patient zero. All that aside, as days passed, our other two got HFM and then it looked like the end of it. A couple days later, my wife got it too. We were so worried I would get it and have to miss work. Sadly, we had to bail on some family gatherings for Thanksgiving.

While the others were recovering, but still contagious, I figured I would get some writing done, but I didn’t. I could have. I thought about it over my four day weekend, but instead we all relaxed and lazed about. Again, I could have written and started building up my long- desired buffer, but utter relaxation won out in the end and honestly, I am glad it did.

So there you have it, I am going to hide behind my wife and kids getting sick as an excuse for why I didn’t make it past Wednesday two weeks ago and why I didn’t publish or even write anything at all last week. Anyway, I pray we all remain in good health for the right reasons, but also, so as to not furnish me any more excuses.


I hope to write about the following this week:

  • DreamWorks’ She-Ra episodes 1 and 2 review and general thoughts
  • Introduction to Fool’s Errand by Scott Horton
  • I Am Adora – She-Ra + Fool’s Errand are making me cry about being an American
  • Nursing Poem, like I should

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