Due to time constraints and the typically high level of exhaustion I am working at, I can either stop writing or write when and what I can. Because I am so set on writing, I have decided to due just that and set aside time for myself to write what I can within a set time. These 199 words were wrought in the space of 10 minutes.

As the classic song say, “take time with a wounded hand,”  while I may not be half the man I used to be, I have been growing more thankful for the man I am as they day has worn on.

Apparently, I sprained my wrist at the gym Monday morning. It hurts. A lot. I am amazed at how frequently I am in need of the use of my dominant hand. All throughout the day, I have been playing the south paw as much as I could, mostly because it has been too painful to do much with my right hand. 

I almost bailed on the gym today, but I decided to go and just not use my right arm for anything. I am glad I did, because I got a referral to a chiropractor who works with athletes, quite often. I told my chiropractor about him today and she advised that I visit him after she checked out my hand. Her conclusion was that I have a sprained wrist and I need to rest it for a good while.

I am going to do my best to get my hand back in working order. Happy healing to me.

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