“Oh. You Mean My Evil BROTHER!” – KHQS 14

Audio only version [12 minutes 53 seconds] NOTE: I don’t know why these players fail to embed sometimes, but if you don’t want to wait to get the audio on your podfeeder, you can either DL it by clicking on the link below, or check out the video version with synced visuals. It’s neat!


Topic: G Gundam 14 Shocking! Shining Finger Defeated!

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TFormer allies against him were just the start. Domon faces an even more shocking truth as Kyoji’s influence spreads farther than he could have imagined!



Featured Gundam

Rain’s Gadgets


Rain Shines

Domon Burns




You can lose your way when working on your mission. Maybe.
This mught be a theme for the episode because Domon tries to remind 4 of the Big 5 about who they are and get them to focus on that, but lust for power and the allure of the Dark Gundam has clouded them from that.

Lost in Translation


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