Undercover |More than Milk

When’s the last time you ate your breakfast under a blanket or in a bathroom? Did you know that there are some grown ups who act goofy when they see me breastfeeding this little baby here? Why do you think grown ups are so silly? Is it because they can’t remember how hungry babies get? Imagine how hungry you would have to be to cry and scream for someone to feed you. Isn’t that what babies do? I don’t want baby to be so upset and I can give them milk anywhere, so I do. That’s all I’m thinking about when baby lets me know they’re hungry. Better to be out here than in a cramped, smelly little room.

[My M-F Writing series is intended to make me a better writer and build towards publishing by the end of 2019. More than Milk is the current focus of these efforts to write and publish a bit each week day.]

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