I had a good workout today. One of my favorite aspects of the gym I attend, is how the sense of competition, pushes me to do more and perform better.


Honestly I wanted to be napping write now, but I am addicted to writing, so here I am, writing instead of sleeping. It really is a compulsion. I don't mean that in a deep, artsy way, I mean it in a nearly pejorative way, like how I crack my knuckles too much.

Worn Out |More than Milk

Babywearing can be a great addition to your family. Mom or dad can do it. It frees them up to use their hands, while baby is happy to be close. Baby can even breastfeed while being worn.

Manners |More than Milk

One of my favorite features about how breastfeeding is practiced (practically perfected) in my family is that it profoundly impacts so many areas of our life and dovetails neatly with so many of the other choices we have made.

Knowing |More than Milk

My grandfather was said to have been breastfed until he was 4 or 5. To some that’s fodder for jokes, to others it is sick or strange. According to some, the average worldwide weaning age is around 2.5 years.

I Am Enough |More than Milk

There is a culture that saps new mothers of their confidence. Some experts give them every indication that they should doubt themselves, that their choices are foolish and naive. I pray that changes.

The Paces |More than Milk

Our little ones grow up so fast. Before long they are squirming out of our arms, crawling around, tottling and running away. With my first, I felt trapped under baby, but I appreciated the slower pace of a baby at the breast with the next child.

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