Mild to Wild |More than Milk

When babies are fresh and new they cry and wiggle, but they are still mostly cuddly and quiet. They sleep so much that you can almost forget they are there. The will have a little milk and then fall asleep, sometime they will even stay on the breast while sleeping. Laying down and sitting with baby for breastfeeding time is great. Mommy can nap, talk, eat, relax or read, but at some point that growing baby will start to move and that’s when things can start to get wild! I’ve seen babies twirl, tumble, flip and bounce from side to side all while on the breast. That isn’t so relaxing for mommy, but babies and their siblings sure don’t mind.

[My M-F Writing series is intended to make me a better writer and build towards publishing by the end of 2019. More than Milk is the current focus of these efforts to write and publish a bit each week day.]

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