About That Daily Publishing…

I’ll keep this short.

I have thought a lot about how to proceed with this blog. This is official, public facing author site. I am linking it to a ko-fi account, I may set up a Patreon account or some other crowdfunding endeavor. The site is a mirror and a gathering place for all the creative work I am doing online. My podcasts and YouTube channels are all connected here. I recently started intermittently writing journal entries to keep up with trying to publish 5 days every week. However, I recently had a better idea, while making the post or show notes for my Ultraman podcast. I ended up writing something interesting and “blog worthy” in my estimation. It had some substance and I enjoyed writing it. I had been struggling to journal and it occured to me that I should just lean into writing the show notes to keep myself in practice.

Despite the fact that I am writing books about breastfeeding and a children’s book about food, I want to do so much more. I have had a problem with trying to do too much at once. Doing this Ultraman podcast/review series has helped me to really see the need to focus and pace myself. I am figuring it out as I go along. I have a “weird” set of tastes, but I don’t mind people knowing. I think the disparate things I enjoy and get excited about are a reflection of the eclectic fellow I am and I’m happy to share thay with everyone.

Oops, I made this post longer than I had intended.

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