Ultraman (2019) 11 Analysis |Podcast

Ultraman 11 gives Rena a graceful exit from the story for now and attacks the question of what it really means to be Ultraman from yet another angle. My suspicions about Edo and the Star Cluster Council grow and I am excited to see how this all works out!

Ultraman (2019) 8 Review |Podcast

Ultraman 8 is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The action is top notch. The handling of the moral questions is a bit clumsy. The sudden reveals and twists on twists threw me for a loop. Overall, I enjoyed the escalating complications and the additional intrigue introduced.

Ultraman (2019) 6 Review |Podcast

Moral and ethical conflict comes to the foreground in Ultraman 6 as Shinjiro struggles with what it means to bear the curse of being Ultraman. My thoughts on this are only partly formed and I will not give much more time to them in preparation for releasing this post. The inclusion of Dan Moroboshi as an Ultraman who is content to be a merciless killer makes me simultaneously happy and uncomfortable.

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