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In G Gundam 26, Domon faces off against Neo Greece’s Marcelot, a giant of a man who balks at Domon’s high handed promise that he will face Master Asia as the Undefeated of the Finals! Marcelot is favored to win the 13th Gundam Fight and looks like he may be up to the task with his enormous size and strength. Not only that, his Gundam Zeus is set in a chariot-horse Gundam mount he calls Hercules which dashes over the battle stage at breathtaking speeds!

Audio only version [12 minutes 26 seconds]

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I forgot to mention something in my recording, so I will put it here: Marcelot’s horse/chariot hybrid is named HERCULES, folks! Why is that? For those unfamiliar with the mythology, Zeus, the greatest of the Greek gods had many children, among whom are Hercules and Perseus. As far as I know, Hercules and Perseus never crossed paths, but in popular media, both of them have a strong association with Pegasus the flying horse. In Disney’s Hercules, Zeus fashions the winged horse for his son (who is his full son with his wife Hera, which is ALSO inconsistent with the original myth) Hercules as a gift to him as a baby. In Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans, Perseus is the son of one of Zeus’s many encounters with human women. Zeus wants to see this son have a chance at adventure and heroism and sets him on a path that includes him wrangling and taming a winged horse, Pegasus. Pegasus assists Perseus on his journey which leads him to slaying the Gorgon Medusa and using her posthumously active petrifying glare to turn it to stone, killing it. In the mythology, Pegasus springs forth from the blood-squirting neck stump of Medusa after Perseus decapitates her. Pegasus goes on to help another Greek hero, Bellerophon and is said to be the carrier of Zeus’ thunderbolts.

Greek Myth link: Pegasus, Perseus, Bellerophon, Chrysaor,
Heracles, Hercules (the Roman adaptation of the Greek Heracles)

In conclusion, the horse/chariot thing pulling Zeus Gundam should be called Pegasus, not Hercules.

Stills from G Gundam 26

Gifs from G Gundam 26

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