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In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 27, Domon is injured by the leader of a group of kids who infiltrates his HQ and high jacks Burning Gundam! The deadly and devious Chandra Sijiema of Neo-India exploits his injury and pushes Domon to the brink of defeat!

Audio only version [8 minutes 33 seconds]

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One of the most interesting things about G Gundam is that there are a lot of unanswered questions. More than that, there are a lot of questions that are never asked in the first place, like why is Shijima/Sijiema GREEN? Why is his skin green? Is everyone from Neo-India green-skinned? Are there multiple shades of green skin on the people of Neo-India? Another question, how is it within the rules for this man to have a snake co-pilot? This feels like a way bigger deal than Zeus Gundam having his Hercules Chariot to pilot as well. In the case of Neo-Greece, I would think it would have made combat more challenging for him to control the chariot part of his Gundam setup. Maybe that isn’t the case though, maybe the harder feat to accomplish would be playing the flute to control the cobra while fighting and operating a Gundam separately. Actually, I think I have changed my mind, if I could control a robot to do a fairly simple task or set of tasks just by signing a song, I think I could do it. I know dozens of songs by heart. I hereby declare Siejima to be a big green cheater! I guess he must be operating within the rules, but those aren’t the rules  would write.

Stills from G Gundam 27

Gifs from G Gundam 27

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KHQS 27 Video

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