Age of Republic Anakin Skywalker |Vlog

I love Anakin Skywalker. The story of his tragic fall from noble hero to despotic villain moves me. It is a beautiful cautionary tale that has brought me to tears on multiple occasions.  I think I have identified with his righteous indignation and his extreme adherence to a set of well-formed but untested values. Anikin is under 25 years old when he falls to the dark side. I tremble at the thought of what I would have done at that age with all the power that he had. I know that in universe Anakin is to blame for his decisions and for choosing to fall to the dark side, but I place a good deal of blame for his fall on the Jedi Order as it exists in the Prequels. This story, while poorly titled (what is the sacrifice alluded to?) adds to the case against the Jedi: they are willing to bow to the Republic and be folded into its military apparatus to the point of ignoring their commitment to preserving and maintaining life. Anakin holds life to be sacred, as a Jedi should, and chooses to face whatever consequences are due to him as a result of him neglecting orders from Yularan.

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