ARC 9, Kiva

Kamen Rider Kiva |ARC 9

23 Minute 15 Seconds


The first time I watched Kamen Rider Kiva, I was taken aback by the timeline jumping that is a regular part of the show. I did not find it confusing to watch, but I wondered how confusing it may have been to write. There were some elements that were very frustrating to me because I knew that this gimmick was being used to ratchet up the tension and cast an aire of mystery around them. I questioned why the show was made to span a 22 year period, but I decided to roll with it. Somebody decided to undertake a project to change that.

Have you heard of Kamen Rider Ixa? It is a fan edit where the story of Kiva is set in chronological order. As I understand it, all the 1986 portions are strung together, to their conclusion, then the events of 2008 play out. That sounds intriguing to me. I’m curious to check it out, but I would rather watch Kiva again because I remember most of the little twists and turns that made the story so interesting and I feel certain that this will enrich my experience of the story. Unfortunately, I can’t find links for it right now. I will add them here if I do find them.

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