Numbered Days – Day Two


The night had passed slowly. The excitement of knowing the end was near had him a bit on edge, but was it a problem to die tired? That was the last thought he had before he drifted off to a fitful sleep.

The school day came too soon, as it always did, but he decided he might try to go out on a high note. He figured, why not make this last week of school a memorable one?

Once he was out of the car, he resolved to ride the line between getting expelled and doing whatever he felt like. He drew in a long, deep breath and marched through the halls like a dutiful ant. He waved and greeted his hive-mates, charging each smile and salutation with as much charm as he could muster.

Most did their best to ignore him. A few responded reticently. Even less greeted him warmly.

“Yo, Ash. What’s up, man? You trying to catch em all today?

“Like no one ever was!” Ash belted back.

“That’s not how it goes, bro.” Rex returned indignantly.

“So sue me. Why weren’t you here yesterday?”

“You wouldn’t believe what happened last night! I was-“

Ash half listened. He looked at the one real friend he had made in the last couple years and thought words he couldn’t say.

‘I’m gonna miss you, Rex. You’ve been the best part of this school. Too bad you came so late. You got it made, man. I wish I could be more like you, but we all get stuck with our own crap and I know I just can’t swap with you. You’re better and smarter than me anyhow. Lucky guy. You’re gonna go places.

“Can you believe that?” Rex tapped his shoulder.

“That’s crazy, bro.” Ash answered reflexively.

“Hey. If it was your last week here what would you do?”

“What is this, Senioritis?” Rex spat derisively.

“EEF THAT!” Ash chuckled. “But like, each time you transfer schools and you know you’re never going to see those people again, don’t you wanna do something big?”

“That’s honky-talk. I have to fly under the radar, boy! Besides I got over that stuff a long time ago. I keep my head down and do what I have to. It’s no use burning bridges or holding grudges. You just have to let it go, man.”

“I guess that works for you, but I-” the bell rang. Ash fell silent as the hive churned. Everyone was shifting into full ant mode.

“You what?”

“I-” someone cut in between them. “Rude. Anyway, I will see you later. You go on and keep your head down.” Ash dramatically gestured dismissing Rex.

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This ends abruptly because it isn’t the entirety of Day Two. I haven’t been able to stay on top of my writing as well as I thought I would. I am giving myself permission to publish this story in fits and starts. This section represents the excitement and possibility Ash feels after deciding to die. He expects things to go his way. The next section will see him try to execute plans and fail, deepening his bitterness and hate.

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