Competing Against Myself – Day 85 (One Day Late)

Weekly Weigh In

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs
Weight last week (7/28): 201.3 lbs
Current Weight (8/04): 194 lbs
Loss: 7.3 lbs
Overall Loss: 29.8 lbs

Key Information

Hours Slept. Hours Fasted. Exercise and Food Eaten.


Slept 7. Fasted none. No workout.Baby had is up super early. The wife and I were feeling like we might be getting a sore throat, so we each had our gummy vitamins and a clove of garlic. The calories were minimal, but I’m sure they broke my fast and then we ate around 8am.
Mira, yogurt with raspberries, coffee with cream, beef burrito (with that tasty tortilla), coffee with cream, salad and roast beef, watermelon, 1/2 peach


Slept 6.5. Fasted 19.5 10pm to 5:30pm . 30 minute walk.
Mira, green tea, mira, black coffe, mira, mira, coffee with cream and 2 squares of chocolate, 4 fried eggs with broccoli, peach, lime le croix


Slept 4.5. Fasted 19. 20 minute walk.
Green tea, mira, matcha green tea, mira, black coffee, mira, coffee with cream, watermelon, roast beef sandwich sans bread, a little bit of chicken, 4 squares of chocolate 


Slept 6. Fasted 16. 20 minute walk.
Matcha x2, mira x3, juice, 2 squares of chocolate, coffee with cream, melons (cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple) more coffee with cream


Slept 5.5. Fasted 17. 20 minute walk.
Mira x2, matcha x1, coffee with cream x2, 6 squares of chocolate, turkey sans-bread-which, chicken and rice, cantaloupe, pudding x2


Slept 7, interrupted by baby. Fasted 8 hours. No exercise.
Coffee with cream, cantaloupe, red cabbage salad, turkey roll with mozzarella, coffee with cream, broccoli, one small slice of pizza, beer, mira x1, lime le croix, 4 squares of chocolate, pudding


Black coffee x1, mira x1, coffee with cream x2, salmon salad, chocolate covered banana, 4 squares of chocolate, baked potates and broccoli 

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