Neon| #Tokutember2020 Day 30

As I was working on the previous design, I figured I should make a classic and modern version of the same character. I really like her helmet. I almost made her suit more complicated, but my dad said he likes the simpler lines. Check out the concepts for a had that looks a BIT too much like Princess from Battle of the Planets. I think her name is Jun in Gatchaman.

This concludes Tokutember 2020, I made a drawing for every entry/day this year am so pleased with myself for hitting that goal. I didn’t love everything I made, but I enjoyed doing it all. Mostly. Anyway, I am really excited about a great idea I have for a series of stories and a neat set of characters to tell them with. Check back for more development on this toku team book for kids I want to make.

Here is a brief look at Team Optimum, as they are known for now. I don’t really draw cute, so I would love to chat with a more versatile illustrator who would be interested in working together.

And because I couldn’t stop myself, check out THIS SCRIPT for a comic book for Team Optimum.

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