Team Optimum, Group Shot, Featured, Masked Runner, Ultraveg, Super Solo, tokusatsu

Team Optimum| #Tokutember2020

Meet Team Optimum!

I couldn’t stop myself, so I wrote THIS SCRIPT for a Team Optimum comic book. It was supposed to be a children’s book with them as a team, but it turned out to be more like their team origin story and a little less for kids. It almost feels like it could be expanded into a chapter book, but I would have had to add a lot of details. Also, this is inspired by tokusatsu, I want it to be presented in a visual medium. In this rough draft, I haven’t given the girls a name or many details, but I captured her personality and I think she really carries the book. I could definitely take another crack at it and flesh some stuff out, but I really think the guts and bones are there. I think I captured the personalities of Kanis (wolf guy) and Sage (tree person) decently, but a lot of what they are works when playing off of her and each other to an extent. The later didn’t get to happen so much here.

Team Optimum, Group Shot, Featured, Masked Runner, Ultraveg, Super Solo, tokusatsu

Working on these prompts had my wheels spinning, and this crew came out of that. I want to do a fun book for kids with a team composed of an homage to Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. I figure it could feature 3 little adventures in it and each team member will get to shine in the book. I would love to fins an illustrator who is a toku fan and can do cute and cool art to bring this to life.

I have some ideas for how they would work as a team and an inkling as to what the stories can be like. I’ll show the stories at some point, but for now here is a peek at who these folks are.

Super Solo: She reverse-engineered a cache of old tech she found and is using it as best as she can. She is an engineer, but this technology is beyond her full grasp. She put it together because she was curious and when some dangerous situations popped up near her, she decided to put it to the test. In the end she was able to help people and chasing that feeling encouraged her to keep going, to rebuild and to find a way to become her own kind of hero.

Masked Runner: He was taken from his pack and turned into a cyborg soldier by APEX. They couldn’t tame his wolf’s heart and he broke free from their control. He ran back to his pack, but they rejected him because he was no longer a wolf in their eyes. A stranger’s kindness saved him when he was on the brink of oblivion. For a long time he wandered, seeking to destroy APEX, one ALPHA at a time if he must, for what they had done to him. He distrusts people and mostly wanders from place to place alone.

Ultraveg: An ancient and mysterious being, it returned from its long hiatus after learning of a looming danger. Called Sage by it’s teammates, the tree person dispenses cryptic bits of wisdom and has the ability to sense danger. When the need arises Sage can act as a powerful combatant. Its goals are mysterious, but they appear to be benevolent.

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