The Story So Far |3

Weekly Goals:

-Query More Than Milk

-Work on Query letter for The Dragon’s Treasure

-Write a poem or flash fiction every week

-Keep my podcasting to a minimum

Weekly Accomplishments:


How Many Lies – A poem

Query Counter MTM: 3




I chose to work on my query letter for Superheroes Get Hungry, Too. I worked on it. My wife read it and told me to rework it. I let a couple days go by and rewrote about half of it. I liked it. My wife read it over again and thought it was strong, so I decided to go ahead and query SGHT this week. When I went to it the second time I thought to myself, how would Stan Lee sell this book? What would he do to pull people in. I’ve been reading vintage Marvel lately and I sometimes guffaw at the bold claims made on the covers and intros throughout the books. I decided to channel that since I am trying to essentially sell mini comics in this book. Pray for my success true believers!

Query Counter SGHT: 1

10-23-2020 The publisher says they will respond within 8 weeks if interested. I am putting the date in my calendar, so I’ll let you know as soon as I get word from them that they want to represent my book. Here’s to a happy December 18, 2020!

I worked on more album art for podcasts.

I formatted some podcast pages to make them much easier to navigate. I hope that will make them more attractive and sharable.

Read this week:

Captain America Comics #12

Writer: Stan Lee

Art: Al Avison

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