How Many Lies

How many lies can you tell
Before your words will compel
Beleaguered people to turn
From their homes in concern
When the chickens come home
On their feathers a tome
The masses will read it in full
Learn your deeds cold and cruel
Will your heart freeze or melt
As the truth rends the pelt
That you fleeced from us all
When we answered the call
To give up for each other
That which came from our mother
But then you came along
With your story and song
So we quivered in fear
Gave up what we hold dear
Trusted that you would care
Then SNAP CRUNCH went the snare
Then you bound us up
Gently pouring the cup
Of sweet mercy and love
As you cooed like a dove
And you warned us of danger
To keep us far from strangers
Spinning dangerous lies
That would alter our eyes
And our ears and our hearts
Till they beat out a march
That will drive some to dream
Plot and draw up a scheme
To escape from your cage
Free themselves from the range
To the wild and open
Where the bruised and the broken
Can find rest from their labor
And live lives full of favor
Where your lies won’t compel
Them to do just what you tell

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