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SSSS.Dynazenon 04 What Is This Thumping Heart? April 23, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: Tatsumi Fujii

Yomogi catches a cold and goes to sleep. Gauma gets Yume to visit him. Yomogi is confused by Yume’s sudden visit, but the relationship between the two slightly unravels. When Yume hears that a monster had appeared, she leaves Yomogi with his cold and heads for battle

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-Gauma interrupting the conversation with the Sizumu


-The training in Dyna Soldier, NOT Rex, was a lot of fun to see. That realistic edge is a lot of fun

-Chise getting to pilot Dyna Soldier for a bit was really cool! They shot of her jumping into action was cool and then her ineptitude was a lot of fun. Dyna Soldier had some great body language when she was struggling and unsure of herself as a pilot.


Everyone is changing. There was some set up and development on that here. I have observations, but there isn’t enough for me to make any bid definitive statements about what’s going on.

-Mei notices that Minami is changing her and asks her who is causing it.

-Koyomi is thinking of going on a date with Yomogi’s sempai. He even asks Gauma for the day off to take her out and Chise points out that he already has EVERY day off, being unemployed.

-Chise volunteers to put herself in danger to pilot Dyna Soldier in Yomogi’s absence. -Meanwhile Yomogi is in a different place from the others. He seems to just be going along with the whole Dynazenon effort, but he is acting to draw closer to Minami.

-Finally, Gauma is questioning Dynazenon and why the others are able to pilot it. He seems shaken by the fact that Chise was able to do it and that she too has the “aptitude” whatever that is.


-Sizumu is being transparent and open and that will create opportunities for shifting alliances and a closer examination of the kaiju. I bet we could see Yomogi defect from the Dynazenon Four because he doesn’t want to go along with the plan Gauma is executing. He may even want to stop kaiju from just being destroyed.


-If kaiju are born from people’s desire to break free from their bonds, then the world doesn’t need Dynazenon does it? It simply needs people to be truly free and happy. What is the threshold for a kaiju being created? Is it measured in time, intensity of feelings or something else?

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