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SSSS.Dynazenon 05 What Is Lover-Like? April 23, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: Hideyuki Satake

Yomogi catches a cold and goes to sleep. Gauma gets Yume to visit him. Yomogi is confused by Yume’s sudden visit, but the relationship between the two slightly unravels. When Yume hears that a monster had appeared, she leaves Yomogi with his cold and heads for battle

SSSS.Dynaenon, kaiju, dynazenon, 05, Koyomi, Chise


-It’s a beach episode


-The Soldier Striker combo is slick. I didn’t realize it offered a ranged attack, so it was a surprise when they pulled it off to save Minami

-I enjoy all the backend stuff where the Dynazenon Four-and-a-Half are shown training and practicing


-Sizumu talking about how kaiju’s favorite things are emotions was interesting. Building off of what was said before, if kaiju are born from peoples’ desires to break free from their bonds, strong emotions would naturally flow from them. The kaiju can feed on those emotions to grow and gain power, but then what? It’s unclear.

-The fact that Minami’s sister may have killed herself is a heavy matter, worthy of addressing in a serious way. Is she going to be the source for something in this world having to do with kaiju? Is she why Minami can pilot Dynazenon? If kaiju love emotions and gain power from them, does Dynazenon feed off of emptiness?


-I feel even more strongly now that Yomogi might jump ship. He and Minami both seem put off by Gauma’s simplistic view of the Kaiju Eugenecitsts and it feels like something is just waiting to come from that.


-Will Yomogi abandon Gauma? Did you notice some buildings got trashed this time and no one seemed to care? What gives? Is that a problem for you?

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