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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 101 May 4, 2021

Writer: Jennifer Corbet and Dave Filoni

Director: Steward Lee, Saul Ruiz and Nathaniel Villanueva

Score: Kevin Kiner

The ‘Bad Batch’ of elite and experimental clones make their way through an ever-changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars.

Star Wars, Bad Batch, Clone Wars, Fooly Operational, Order 66


-Caleb’s voice sounded off and I thought he would have had a Coruscanti accent that he would have to have worked to get rid of

-Does this mess with the Kanan comics? Those were really good. There may be a gap that the action here happened in, but it still feels off


-The show looks amazing! Establishing shots, direction, animation, textures. Everything looks so good. They need to keep this level of quality up for all future Star Wars animation. This is the floor, the baseline, the bar has been set.

-The story really works. This is a great setup for a whole set of adventures for these guys

-I enjoyed how they started with the Star Wars: The Clone Wars narration. It makes the feel of everything changing that much more visceral as a longtime viewer of this series. I get it won’t be back next episode.

-Setting up Crosshair as their enemy is a brilliant move. He knows the team’s unorthodox talents and he is an elite operator, so the threat will be strong.


-Saw asking what else the Empire is lying about is dope. There needs to be skepticism from a whole range of free people from across a society in order to maintain freedom for all. Fall in line, refuse to question orders and you are opening the door for a tyrant to walk in and put you in chains. We heard democracy die to thunderous applause from the Senate as well as the Clone Troopers. The defects, the rejects, the insurgents of Clone Force 99 and the fighters on Onderon don’t trust that. Remember that Saw will be branded an enemy of the Empire and he will be driven to brutal tactics and that it started with him questioning the narrative from the Empire about the Jedi. He fought with and learned from Jedi, he knew them and that connection caused him to think about what was being said about them. I wouldn’t say he is a foil for Hunter, but I like them being thrown together as a test of loyalty by Tarkin because it means Saw is able to make an impression on Hunter that affirms his uncertainty with just following orders.


-I think Omega has some sort of psychic or empathic powers.


-Were the cameos too much? Did they make the Bad Batch feel more integrated into the wider galaxy or did it feel like reaching to buy off viewers?

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