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She’s Not a Soldier – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 102 Analysis |FO 41

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 102 Cut and Run May 7, 2021

Writer: Gursimran Sandhu

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Steward Lee

Score: Kevin Kiner

The Bad Batch and Omega arrive on Saleucami to meet with clone deserter Cut Lawquane. Cut tells Hunter about the inhibitor chips, and about his plan to escape with his family now that military presence is increasing. The two discover that newly introduced chain codes are needed to book public transport, but know Cut will get arrested if he tries to get one. Tech and Echo manage to steal and forge some chain codes, and with Omega’s help, deliver them to Cut and his family in time for them to board the transport. Hunter attempts to send Omega with Cut as he thinks she needs a family, but she decides to stay with the Bad Batch.


-Was there missing dialogue near the end? Hunter should have called out to Wrecker, but there was no voice. Wrecker responded and went to tear the boot of the ship and then at that point, it seemed like a second  or two was lost. It played weird.


-Echo’s helmet looks so good. That narrow slit gives me Robocop vibes. It was cool to see him in action


-The evils of the Empire are on full display, cataloging and tagging everyone and their ships to allow them to travel and even to keep using their money is so bad. It can be argued for, but we get to see the plight and burden it puts on the “wrong” sort of people. Cut and Su just want to live out peaceful lives, they are harming no one and they are threatened because of the level of control the Empire wants to give its people so-called security. 


-Are the Bad Batch going to mostly ditch their armor and get new outfits, or at least keep what they have now? I would think they might because they need to blend in more. It might be fun for them to have to suit up when things get really hairy. I think we could see that.


-Is Omega’s purpose or function going to be what the show is about? Is this going to feel like Mando where someone is after the kid the warrior is protecting? If so, is that too much, too soon?

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