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What Needs To Be Done – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 103 Analysis |FO 42

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 103 Replacements May 14, 2021

Writer: Matt Michnovetz

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Nathaniel Villanueva

Score: Kevin Kiner

The Bad Batch and Omega are stranded on a moon after their ship was damaged on Saleucami, and an Ordo Moon Dragon steals the part they need to repair it. Hunter and Omega set out to retrieve it, but Hunter is incapacitated. Omega continues alone and is able to track the Dragon, retrieving the part without a fight. On Kamino, Tarkin and Admiral Rampart put Crosshair in command of a new unit of conscripted soldiers that are sent to Onderon to wipe out Gerrera’s camp. Gerrera is already gone, and Crosshair kills one disloyal recruit, but the rest comply and are otherwise successful. Tarkin sees potential for the conscripted soldiers, concerning Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su.

Star Wars, Bad Batch, Clone Wars, Fooly Operational, Hunter, Omega, Crosshair, Tarkin, Rampart Empire, Replacements, 103


-I can’t see the action in the deep, deep darkness! When I saw Solo at the drive-in, it was the same thing, parts of the movie were too hard to see. I want cartoon darkness where I can see everything going on, but the characters can’t. Maybe that is too much to ask for of the oh so cinematic Bad Batch, but it’s a big gripe of mine across various film and television projects. This is a visual medium and while I love all the sound design, I have poor audio hardware most of the time, so I can’t enjoy that as much as I can the visuals.


-The depravity and naked evil of the Empire is good to see on display on Onderon. The Empire commits atrocities and it is healthy for that to be shown so effectively.

-It is chilling how easily Crosshair has taken to murdering people when before he was just destroying droids.

-I like Chad Trooper protesting killing the civilians and that he took point and tried to get his fellow Troopers to disregard Crosshair’s order to murder the defenseless prisoners. Seeing that nuance and difference between a soldier and a executioner is neat.


-How did you feel about Crosshair murdering Chad Trooper?

Honestly, I was slightly pleased and I wonder why that is. I barely know Crosshair and I know he is willing to murder any civilians he is ordered to, but something about Chad really rubbed me the wrong way. Is it a fault in me or the framing of the show, that I enjoyed that? Did you enjoy it? If so, why?


-Crosshair’s Inhibitor Chip has been removed to make him a FULLY operational killing machine. Because Rampart wants to test this process of having the Clones train their own replacements, Tarkin approved having Crosshair’s chip removed so it would stop inhibiting him, so it could be seen just how effective he could be without it.


-Should Crosshair be redeemed? Can he?

Hunter regrets leaving Crosshair behind. Omega says that he should be forgiven because of the effects of the Inhibitor Chip and that the squad should try to rescue him. Given that we have seen Crosshair murder someone heroic in cold blood and order the murder of civilians, how could he return to the Bad Batch? Is this setting up his heroic sacrifice or will he be irredeemable? I wonder what they are getting at by setting up this story.

-Is Omega part of some weird Clone breeding program? That is ghastly, so I don’t think they will go there, but that is what the Kaminoan chat at the end made me think.#starwars #TheBadBatch #starwarsbadbatch #review


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